By July 24, 2019 Beals
Alarmed at the recent media coverage, Dr. Roberta Beals of the Healthy Skin Clinic in Lubbock wants to help warn the local community about the dangers that cosmetics can cause to children. “We want to remind parents to be wary of the products in their homes and provide some recommendations to avoid misuse by children to keep them safe,” says Dr. Beals. “Great products can still cause great problems when in the hands of children.”
Newsweek reports that research indicates “encounters with everyday cosmetic products from shampoo to deodorant land a child in the [emergency department] every two hours in the U.S.” The study found that “between 2002 and 2016, an estimated 64,686 children below the age of five visited emergency rooms across the country for injuries caused by cosmetic products.”
CBS News reports that investigators “found 75 percent of injuries from cosmetic products occurred when a child swallowed a product, while 19 percent occurred when a product made contact with a child’s eyes.” The study indicated that “the three most common types of products that caused injuries in young children were nail care, hair products, and skin care.”
Dr. Beals recommends that:
  • Everyone keep their cosmetics and other handheld -or smaller- toiletries at a safe distance out of reach from children particularly aged five and below.
  • Make-up always be kept in closed, lid-covered containers. Child proof lids are also helpful but are not always found on sample size products. These containers will help to corral the clutter on counters, drawers and cabinets that draw the attention of children.
  • Have mom or dad teach or openly show kids aged 5 and up how they use their toiletries when they grow up, to avoid misuse in the meantime or down the road.
For concerns about the safety of specific products, people can call or text the Healthy Skin Clinic at 806.790.5964