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dr-georgeDr. Richard George is a long-time spine surgeon and highly-regarded member of the Spine Care Center at Grace Health System®. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, received his medical degree from Southwestern Medical School in 1982, and completed his residency in neurosurgery at Baylor College, Houston in 1988. Dr. George has nearly 30 years experience as a neurosurgeon practicing in Texas.

Dr. George says he loves what he does because he can make a major impact on the patients’ outcome, often watching them immediately respond in many circumstances to his treatment, many being able to get back to doing things they’ve not been able to do for years. You’ll be treated as a part of his family.

Dr. George practices a more comprehensive approach to spine care by investigating symptoms and discovering the origins and root causes of pain. His diagnoses will sometimes indicate need for surgical intervention, but will also allow a less invasive treatment through the use of physical therapy, chiropractic care, or pain management with medication.

“When we are able to identify a problem accurately, then treat it with either a surgical or nonsurgical procedure, we are able to remedy the problem and give somebody a chance to get back to normal life, that is the most gratifying thing for us,” says Dr. George.

Dr. George considers himself and his colleagues as members of the patient’s health care team discussing his diagnosis and treatment plan with the whole family. He believes the families are a patient’s advocate and must be included in understanding the spectrum of care required to return his patients to a state of normalcy. Dr. George often refers his patients to other members of the Spine Care Center team who can investigate more conservative therapies, in his attempts delay the need for surgery until it is clearly indicated.

Dr. George believes patients can gain significant advantage at the Spine Care Center at Grace over others in the region through our comprehensive approach to spine care. “Many of our patients travel long distances for their health care and by having everything in one place they can get all their needs taken care without having to travel to multiple different facilities.”

At the Spine Care Center at Grace, patients can often see alternate specialists in the same day, under one roof with better record keeping and continuity of care. “What I like about our spine care team is we are in close proximity. Many times we can immediately consult with one of our colleagues and so that a patient can come in and be immediately assessed by everybody that will be involved in their care and leave with a definite plan of care without need to make multiple trips.”


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