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dr-fluhmanDr. Benjamin Fluhman comes to Grace Health System® after completing a three-year foot and ankle surgical residency at Scott and White/Texas A&M Health Sciences Center in Temple. While there, his training focused on reconstruction of the adult foot and ankle, pediatrics, diabetic wound care, limb salvage and sports injuries.

Today at the Grace Health System® Podiatry Center, Dr. Fluhman provides conservative care and surgical treatment for pain or deformity of the toes, feet and ankles. He also fits custom orthotics, which come with a money-back guarantee.

After originally pursuing dental school as his specialty, Dr. Fluhman switched after shadowing a podiatrist for a few days. “To my pleasant surprise, they were treating everything in the foot and ankle including surgical care, general foot care, wound care, and maintenance. There was lot more variety involved with podiatry than with dentistry.”

“The most exciting thing about podiatry is helping my patients feel better usually at the first visit. Whether it is a small procedure or a recommendation on shoes, there is typically something that we can do to help them right off the bat. “

Dr. Fluhman enhances his patient’s experience by thinking of them as family, taking the time necessary to make sure they understand his diagnosis and treatment plan before they leave his office. He welcomes questions, hearing all the patient’s concerns about their diagnosis and care.

Dr. Fluhman wants people to know that foot pain isn’t just a part of aging or something just to put up with. Many times, the sources of foot problems are very treatable. Dr. Fluhman performs procedures that will help get you back to your everyday activities. He can provide custom orthotics, heel lifts, or a specialized boot to allow an injury to heal. He also treats the sports injuries of many weekend warriors, like runners and other athletes.

“The advantage that we have at Grace Clinic® regarding excellent patient care is that I get to coordinate this patient care with multiple specialties and general practitioners. I enjoy open communication with our family practice doctors as well as other specialists, access to labs, and can obtain advanced imaging, all on site.”

Dr. Fluhman also works closely with pharmacists at the on-site Grace Pharmacy to prescribe specialized topical medicines designed specifically for foot and ankle issues. The close proximity of our advanced compounding facility allow Dr. Fluhman to talk with the on-staff pharmacist about a patient’s medical history and their current medications to help determine the best treatment options.

Many treatment options for foot conditions are non-invasive, but when surgery is necessary, Dr. Fluhman provides all the information you and your family need to ease fears and explain outcomes. You’ll understand what to expect, and know what to do after the procedure, well before surgery.

“My hope is that when a patient leaves my office, they feel like they were treated fairly, they were cared for and they leave the experience wanting to come back. The most important thing is that they leave feeling treated both emotionally and physically for their conditions. I want them to feel they were listened to and given the opportunity to participate in the treatment plan–not simply prescribed a treatment.”

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