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dr-dixonDr. Joseph Dixon’s patients say you can expect a friendly, kind and compassionate doctor. After graduating from Baylor University with a degree in Chemistry, he earned his medical degree at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center; and completed his Family Practice residency in Abilene.

Dr. Dixon is board-certified in Family Medicine. For 20 years, he was in private practice in Abilene where he earned several patient awards. Dr. Dixon says he was attracted to medicine because he’s always wanted to do what he can for people. “Medicine is kind of complicated and I wanted to be in that loop to help them, to teach them. I love to teach, and help guide them through, so they can be empowered to help themselves.”

With the U.S. obesity and diabetes rates skyrocketing, Dr. Dixon says he strives to educate his patients about their bodies, including the importance of healthy eating and exercise. “A lot of people think ‘Hey, why am I not losing weight, I don’t eat much, I don’t eat breakfast.’ Well, that is part of the problem. You need to eat. It’s more about what and how much you eat. Once you can communicate that with a patient, many times the light goes on, ‘oh, I didn’t know that’.”

“Exercise is great for your health. It is great for stress, for sleep, it is good for your mind, it helps control your blood sugar, helps keep your weight down, it does a lot of things.”

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Dixon sees many teens and young adults. He says one issue in this age group in this region is STDs. “We see a lot of kids coming in worried they have an STD. I don’t get much time with them, plus, I don’t know them, but I put my two cents in. A lot of them are repeaters and I try to talk to them about the consequences of this risky behavior.”

Dr. Dixon sees patients through the Primary Care Center and the Walk-In Clinic.

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