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In these times of confusing health insurance requirements, you can depend on the doctors at the Primary Care Center at Grace Health System®. Our team of Family Medicine physicians strives to help make sure you and your family are healthy and happy.

During your examination, your doctor will spend enough time with you to get the details of how you or your child is feeling. They’ll also be there long enough for you to ask as many questions as you need. This is a good time to ask about immunizations, sleep habits, conditions, new medications, diet and exercise, or simply questions about aging (osteoporosis, dementia, heart health). Your doctor will answer your questions thoroughly in terms that you can understand.

Your primary care doctor is often your first line of defense when it comes to diagnosing a more serious illness or condition. If something more serious is suspected, he or she can refer you to a Grace specialist for further examination and treatment. This specialist will then give updates to your primary care doctor.

No one likes going to the doctor, but the physicians and staff at the Primary Care Center are here to meet yours and your family’s needs.

Primary Care Center Medical Staff

Dr. Roberta Beals

Roberta Beals, DO

Dr. Jared Brinker

Jared Brinker, MD

Christopher Collins, MD

Dr. Chetlen Crossnoe

Chetlen Crossnoe, MD, PhD

Dr. Joseph Dixon

Joseph Dixon, MD

Dr. Jeffery Hannel

Jeffrey Hannel, MD

Dr. Melissa Henry

Melissa Henry, MD

Dr Keya Malhotra

Keya Malhotra, MD

Dr. Patti May

Patti May, MD

Tyson Purdy, MD

Dr. Wael Qubti

Wael Qubti, MD

Rebecca Raedeke, MD


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