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The Podiatry Center staff is committed to providing the best comprehensive care using surgical and non-surgical solutions, regardless of age. While we can provide a wide range of surgical interventions to treat foot and ankle problems, our specialists will perform comprehensive diagnostic examinations and provide alternate treatment options before recommending surgery.

Often simple solutions like braces or taping can prove effective for minor ailments and our custom made orthotics can provide long-term relief for many chronic joint alignment and postural issues.  We ensure comfort and optimal effect by hand measuring for best fit. Each set of custom orthotics is individually manufactured for each patient and comes with a money-­back guarantee.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain and is particularly common in runners. People who are overweight or wear shoes that provide inadequate support can also have increased risk of getting plantar fasciitis. This condition and many other types of heel pain can often be treated with steroid injections.

Another painful foot condition that affects the ball of your foot is called Morton’s neuroma. A common symptom is a sensation similar to having a pebble in your shoe. Other symptoms include a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot and your toes. This condition has been linked to the regular wearing of high heel shoes. Morton’s neuroma is often successfully treated with steroid injections.

The on-­site Imaging Center at Grace Health System® provides podiatry patients with a place to get an MRI, x-ray, and CT scans done in one location. These services give your foot and ankle specialist a better look at problem areas, allowing them to better plan your path of care.   Our compounding pharmacists, chiropractor and physical therapists are all part of a comprehensive team that works with you to provide relief and restore quality of life.

Although a last resort, it may be determined that a surgical procedure is needed to treat more complex conditions of the foot, including bunions and hammertoe.   A bunion is a caused by calcium deposit build­up on the joint of the big toe and is most commonly formed when it’s pushed against the large first joint, often from wearing tight-­fitting or high­ heel shoes. Bunions can also form on the small toes.

Another deformity of the toes is hammertoe.  Most common in women who wear high heel shoes, the toes are pushed into the toe box of the shoe, causing an unnatural bending of the toes over time which causes excessive joint wear and deformity of the toes.

The Podiatry Center can also treat problems affecting the arches like high arch or flat feet, as well as tendonitis of the foot and ankle. Minimally invasive procedures using tiny, rapidly healing incisions can be used for many minor conditions.

Our podiatry specialists also routinely repair traumatic injuries and provide follow up rehabilitation treatment for torn ligaments and bone fractures in the ankles and feet. Living with foot and ankle pain can be miserable. The Podiatry Center is designed to provide effective relief of your foot and ankle pain and restore quality of life.

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Dr. Benjamin Fluhman

Benjamin Fluhman, DPM


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