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No one wants to hear they need surgery. The Grace Health System® General Surgery Center provides a complete set of services to meet your surgical needs, from minor, minimally invasive procedures performed in an outpatient setting, to more complex surgical interventions requiring a short hospital stay.

If your doctor indicates you need a surgical procedure, you can expect your appointment to be scheduled and procedure completed without delay. Our imaging facility provides a variety of studies including x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and MRI giving you full service in one location to complete a full diagnosis and treatment plan without sending you all over town.

Our board-certified surgeons have decades of experience in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including advanced laparoscopic surgery and common abdominal surgical interventions including hernia and gall bladder removal. The General Surgery Center also performs breast surgeries including biopsies, lumpectomies, and mastectomies, including those requiring a lymph node biopsy or dissection.

Our surgical team is specialized in performing procedures to support long-term intravenous therapy such Groshong placement for chemotherapy. We are also proficient in central line placements and other types of port placements for intravenous care.

Procedures that can be done using minimally-invasive laparoscopy include gallbladder removal, biopsies, and hernia repairs. Laparoscopic techniques use several small incisions and a device that uses a small camera to see inside the body. Advantages for using laparoscopic surgery include reduced risk of infection, minimal blood loss and shorter recovery times.

The Surgery Center also uses proven techniques for providing expert wound care for incisions or injuries that may not be healing properly to speed healing and lower the risk of infection.

Patient-focused, comprehensive care… the General Surgery Center at Grace Health System®.

General Surgery Center Medical Staff

Dr. Tim West

Tim West, MD


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