Anesthesiology Center

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Grace Health System® prides itself on the convenience it offers to patients. One of those conveniences is our very own Anesthesiology Center.

When people think of anesthesia they usually think of general anesthesia­­ that’s where an anesthesiologist puts you to sleep for a procedure. He or she will monitor your vital signs­­ heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels­­ while you’re out, and will make sure you’re well after you wake up. There are also different types of anesthesia, including numbing an area, such as as epidural given during labor.

Our highly experienced staff is available for any outpatient surgery done at Grace Clinic® or a more extensive procedure performed at Grace Medical Center®. Any time your doctor and you decide your best treatment option is surgery, the anesthesiologist will be a part of the pre-surgery planning. It’s all to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Anesthesiology Center Medical Staff

Dr. Robin Minielly

Robin Minielly, MD